San Diego Limousine

Written on December 16, 2014 at 7:37 pm, by Jose

San_Diego_limo¬†Okay so today I just wanted to talk a little bit about our limo company in San Diego. The name of this limo service is San Diego Limousine and we’ve been riding with them for quite some time. Actually, whenever we have a new client, we always try to take them for a limo ride (especially if they’re all the biz…. you know what I mean).

Yeah so, this San Diego limo service that we use is pretty cool because they have every limo you can think of from limo buses, to stretch limos, to hummer limos, and a bunch more which is nice.

At the end of the day, we ride with them because Jacob is extremely intelligent enough to give us discounts every time we ride with him. Hah ah… Yeah, I actually just said that.. But even further, his limo company is awesome, and he is an all around great guy as well.

We will always take his limo service for a spin, especially because they’re the dopest limo company in San Diego. But no sweat, because we just wanted to get out there and let you know that if you ever really needed to decide between a good company and a bad one, this Limo Service San Diego has you my man.

So have some funs next time you’re here in San Diegoville at the brewery or you know, anywhere you decide to go. Even hit me up if you really want to go crazy in Mexico Baja estillo. Ayy

Just let him know you heard from me Jose, and maybe he’ll even give you a discount… (even if it’s not a whole lot, that would be cool!) and definitely check out his limo company for all of it’s great San Diego limo services available.

Well, ciao until next time. Mucho gusto ~

Adios mis amigos.

Hola! Hello!

Written on December 10, 2014 at 5:16 am, by Jose

Hi there, welcome to use my accent where you can use my services to help you with your lifestyle. Sometimes we hear an accent we just absolutely love and other times we don’t like them at all.

Sometimes it’s your favorite actor or actress..

Whatever it may be, rest knowing that you can learn any accent just like the actors do!

Do you perhaps… really like the way that French girl sounds? Or maybe even the Russian giant? That’s the thing, accents are lot’s of fun and we like to have fun with accents too.

Come on in and explore ways to use your accent more!